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    Facebook Contest! Add your business to the fun!
    posted on April 7, 2014

    If you own a business (that is not a photography studio) and would like to join forces and receive some free advertising please PM the studio on facebook or email! We are launching a contest where tons of prizes will be awarded. It can be a gift certificate for your services or an item you sale or even just a simple gift card like an Itunes Card, Visa or Mastercard gift card, gas card or a gift card to a restaurant. Your company and what you are offering will be announced once every couple days (if not every day) for the duration of the contest.

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    Christmas Deadlines
    posted on December 7, 2013

    Christmas Deadlines – Please Read!! :)

    If you want your pictures back by Christmas then I need to have your orders in by December 16th. If you are ordering items other than prints you should have your order in by December 12th at least.

    The studio will close on the 20th. I will be available for orders to be picked up on the 23rd by appointment only :)

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    Christmas Special! November 20th – December 18th.
    posted on November 26, 2013

    Christmas Special! November 20th – December 18th.
    1 – 8×10
    1 – 5×7
    1 – 3 ½x5
    1 – Set of 8 Wallets

    $40 due day of picture session.

    You may choose up to 2 poses for this package and other items can be ordered separately.

    This special can not be combined with other specials, referral cards or discounts.

    You may message or call the studio or you may go online and book your appointment at

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    The New Birthday Club!
    posted on

    The New Birthday Club!

    Bring your child in during the month of their birthday and receive our 1 Pose Keepsake Collection for only $30! (normally $45). For $30 you will receive:

    1 – 8×10
    1 – 5×7
    1 – Sets of 8 Wallets

    Children must be on our Birthday Club Mailing List – sign them up at

    If you have multiple kids just choose a month for each of their birthdays (no need to fill it out twice!)

    No other specials, discounts or referral cards can be used for this session.

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    Studio App Will Earn You Free Pics!!
    posted on November 13, 2013

    Ok – I am launching the new studio app!!

    You will be able to book appointments, earn free pictures with our picture point punch card, see events and news, view photo galleries, videos and so much more!!

    The most important thing is the Picture Points Punch Card. You will have to bring your phone into the studio to have it “punched” in order for your points to work. It will need to be the same phone – I won’t be able to combine punches from several phones. I will have a page on my website with all the rules soon.

    Download the app and claim your thank you coupon by the end of November! :)

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    Fairfield County Fair Pictures
    posted on November 6, 2013

    If you have placed an order before today for pictures from the Jr Fair Shows from the Fairfield County Fair your order will be shipping out today if you chose to have it shipped – or it can be picked up at the studio but you must make an appointment to do so.

    If you have any questions please contact me :)

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    Facebook Photo Contest!
    posted on September 1, 2013

    Who is up for a contest? :) This will be a free for all – it can be pets, seniors, families, babies or kids! Just submit one of your favorite photos and make sure they are not copyrighted so I won’t have to be the mean one and remove it from the contest page :)

    Get your entries in today! Click on the link below to submit your entry!!

    Prizes will be given to the top three winners!
    1st Place – Free Session and Disc of 5 Images with Print Authorization.
    2nd Place – $50 Studio Credit
    3rd Place – $25 Studio Credit

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    Studio Update Since We’ve Been Closed
    posted on August 21, 2013

    I am just getting back to the studio from being closed for the fair display and also a much needed vacation my family took to South Dakota …so this is the run down of everything going on in case anyone is wondering about their pictures  :)

    I will be catching up on any editing from sessions I did before the studio closed.

    I will be getting orders placed for anything that was ordered in the last two weeks. I hope to get them in today so they are back by Friday but I am not sure if it will happen or not so plan on the first part of next week for all orders to be delivered to the studio

    Ross County Fair Jr Sales pictures will be uploaded to the proofing site sometime today. I have not gotten thru all of the orders but I hope to do that by tomorrow so I can contact everyone who placed an order. I will either order for you if that is the option you selected or I will provide you with the log in information. These pictures will also come in with any orders I place from the last two weeks so please plan on them being in sometime next week. Remember – if you didn’t pay for them to be shipped to you then you will need to come to the studio to pick them up.

    Finally…all of my sessions I had this weekend. All of the pictures should be uploaded. If you missed my email with your log in information please let me know :) A few of you who have already chosen your favorites will be seeing the finished images soon :) I will email or call you when they are uploaded and ready to order.

    Softball pictures taken at Southeastern will hopefully be in by Friday also. I will let my contact person know as soon as they are in :)

    Thanks so much everyone!! I apologize for being MIA for 2 weeks but now I am back and ready to roll :) I did come back to over 500 emails so if you contacted the studio that way I will be getting in touch soon and I do have a few calls to return. I am getting to everything as fast as I can so please show me a little patience if you can :)

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

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    Collections, Digitals & New Pricing – Oh My!
    posted on July 15, 2013

    The studio has been through several changes in our pricing structures over the last year or so. It’s hard to find a happy balance between what customers want and what the studio wants but we are happy to announce that we may have finally figured it out!

    We heard many suggestions from people as far as offering digital options and packages and even more than that so our prices have been restructured and for all of your digital file lovers out there we have an option for you also!

    This pricing option is going into affect IMMEDIATELY as of July 14, 2013 for all sessions done in the past by the studio and all session done in the future.

    If you receive this email and didn’t sign up for our full mailing list please know that you will ONLY be updated on the price lists you have downloaded in the past. If you would like to check out our mailing list to see what we offer please do so – you can update your profile to be included in other mailings – just scroll all the way down and choose Update Subscription.

    Now for the good stuff!! Please see the links below to download the newly updated pricing materials. All categories are listed below so multiple emails don’t have to be sent out.

    Please click the link of the session style you are interested in.

    Regular Studio Sessions (not valid on Seniors, Boudoir or Weddings)

    Senior Pictures

    Boudoir Pictures


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    The New Pumpkin Patch!
    posted on July 14, 2013

    We finally have the pumpkin patch planted! Only a photographer would say – I’m planting pumpkins late and I don’t care if the pumpkins bloom in time I just want the leaves – I can add pumpkins later :)

    Dane did all the digging and Kyerstyn helped plant the seeds and cover them up.

    It looks a little pitiful now but soon it won’t :) I started out keeping all the landscape fabric nice and straight and un-walked on and then it started getting so hot that everything just went everywhere and I didn’t care…

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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    Llama’s – My New Favorite Animal :) | fundraisers
    posted on July 7, 2013

    I had a so much fun taking pictures with the llama’s at Scioto Trails Saturday. The rain held off for the most part. The owners of Spice of Life Llama Farm brought two of their llama’s for people to visit with. I had never worked with llama’s before but I have to say I was quite impressed and I am even more happy to say I didn’t get spit on! :) (anyone who knows me understands that one :) )

    I can’t wait for the Scioto Trails to have their Christmas in July this 20th so I can see the llama’s again :)

    Here are a couple pictures of my new buddies. Please excuse the cell phone pictures – I haven’t downloaded the real ones from my camera yet :)

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    New Digital Option For Sessions
    posted on June 20, 2013

    The studio is now offering sessions where you will receive your images in digital format with full printing rights!!

    For the launch of our new Digital Sessions we are going to run a special on them till the end of June.

    Until the end of June you can book a Digital Session for $135. This is for family style pictures – not seniors or weddings. This will include 10 fully edited images of your choice and if you get your images finalized within 14 days of them being put in your preview gallery you will get an additional 15% off. Which would make it $114.75 plus tax You will have the print authorization for printing as many copies of the pictures as you like.

    On the first of July the price will go to it’s normal amount of $175.

    If you are interested in booking a session for the special price it must be on a date BEFORE the end of June. Contact me and we will get you set up with an appointment :) or 740-851-4122 (please leave a message if no answer – it gets crazy at the studio sometimes :) )

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    A Little Update
    posted on June 1, 2013

    If you sent a message about Chillicothe Dance pictures (or just in general) I promise I will get in touch with you tomorrow between 11 and 3. I was supposed to call a few of you back tonight but some unexpected things came up and thru off my schedule. Will try to get a sneak peak posted of my last session I did this evening…so many rotten cute pictures to choose from – it will be hard to decide what to edit! Those adorable little kids had way more energy than I did I am going to feel this one in the morning I’m sure! Hope everyone has a good night…

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    Attention Parents with kids in sports!!
    posted on May 27, 2013

    If you talk to the coach and get them to agree to let A Smile In Time Photography do the team’s pictures we will give you a free Package D which includes – (1) 8×10, (2) 5×7’s, (4) 3.5×5’s, (16) Wallets, (1) 5×7 Team Picture, (1) Button, (1) Memory Mate – it is a $60+ value!!

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    Scioto Trails Pet Portraits
    posted on May 15, 2013

    …all of the pet sessions I did at Scioto Trails this weekend are uploaded on the website. Please check your email for instructions Let me know if you have any questions..

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    …just a little note
    posted on May 12, 2013

    …yesterday was one of the longest days I’ve had – put in 17 hours of photography and I think it kicked my butt! :) I have several messages to return but won’t get a chance to get to them today since it is Mother’s Day and we have to go visit family…I will get with everyone as soon as I can tonight or tomorrow :)

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    Pricelist Update and Simplification!
    posted on May 7, 2013

    I have come to the conclusion that I try to explain things so perfectly that all I accomplish is confusing EVERYONE (including myself most days!). With that being said I have simplified all of my pricing and the brochures you can download from the website. I have also made a small change in price to my wallets that will go into affect immediately. I hope this makes things a little easier! :) If you want to download the updated price lists please go to the website and under the type of pictures you are looking for will be a link to download the pricing.

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    This Rainy Day…
    posted on May 6, 2013

    I am spending this rainy day trying to get everything done on the webpage. It is pretty close to being finished – just a few random things that need finalized.

    Feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas on something you would like to see here!

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    What The Chit Chat Area Is…
    posted on

    This area is just a place casual chit chat just like it is labeled. It is sort of like the studio’s facebook page where we might post something sort of business related but not really – if that makes sense.

    If you want to talk back just add a comment or reply :)

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