Just A Little Update

Dane finished clearing the land today – we now have four massive piles of trash and junk that we will need to haul out…it will be gone when he has a bit of time and his dump truck and track hoe are here.

We are hoping to have the electrical completely done tomorrow sometime. It is going pretty slow but we are basically re-wiring the ENTIRE place. Someone really caused themselves more work than it was worth tearing out the wiring that way – probably put 3 hours of destruction in for $10 worth of scrap metal…if that!

Soon the drywall will be up and being finished and THEN :) it will be time for me to start deciding on paint and d├ęcor! (This will be my all-time favorite part!!!!!) I really am not even sure where to go with it…I want the studio to be relaxing and fun but I also want it to look amazing…not sure how I will combine the two but I know I will get it eventually!

Oh well…enough for now…will upload more pics soon :)