Finally Hanging Drywall!!

95% of the electrical work is COMPLETED! Thank goodness. We started hanging drywall. I still have to get the wallpaper off of the kitchen and the one wall in the soon to be shooting room but it is almost done. My husband informed me that when we were ripping the paper off the wall we managed to wallpaper the floor by accident. I get the stuff that dissolves the glue really only works temporarily – oops :) He was a major sweetheart and cleaned it all up while I was taking pictures the other night. I am sure I will be hearing it tho if I re-wallpaper anything else by accident :)

I can’t wait to start picking out colors and d√©cor for the new place! I am a little overwhelmed with it all tho. I don’t know how I want to go with things. I know I want it to be relaxing and inviting but I also want it to look great. I have nothing to go on…no furniture or colors. All of the floors will be hard wood and the kitchen linoleum is totally neutral. It is a complete blank canvas and I am a little nervous :) I usually LOVE decorating but now I am intimidated by it for once. I do know that one wall will be my green wall :) I guess I can start there and work my way out :)

My next goal too is to figure out how to mount my strobe¬†lighting from the ceiling. I don’t really want to spend 1000’s of dollars on a rail unit. Looks like it is time to start seeing what the hardware isles of Lowe’s and Menards has in store for me :) I am sure I can come up with something.

Oh well… enough for now – more later :) 0