Scioto Trails – Corgi Cuteness! | pet portraits

This little Corgi was ADORABLE!! He was another cutie that visited us during the Scioto Trails “Gone To The Dogs” event. If you missed it this year be sure to stop in next year when they do this!!

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Scioto Trails – Boxer Babies | pet portraits

This family visited us during the Scioto Trails “Gone To The Dogs” event. It was so much fun seeing all the dogs and people that came out to say hi!!

These boxers are gorgeous dogs!!

Lesson #1 when photographing boxers – don’t ever look down while talking to them. I learned this one the hard way – one of them licked my tongue…as much of a dog lover that I am I am an even bigger germ freak so let’s just leave it at EEEWWWWW!! :)

Thanks guys for bringing them to the event!

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Daddy’s Day Contest

It’s time for a contest for all of those wonderful daddy’s out there!
Win a free session and $50 in print credits.

This is a FACEBOOK related contest. The contest page is

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Enter the contest by filling out the form at this link:
Winners will be announced on June 16th!

…just a little note

…yesterday was one of the longest days I’ve had – put in 17 hours of photography and I think it kicked my butt! :) I have several messages to return but won’t get a chance to get to them today since it is Mother’s Day and we have to go visit family…I will get with everyone as soon as I can tonight or tomorrow :)