Facebook Contest! Add your business to the fun!

If you own a business (that is not a photography studio) and would like to join forces and receive some free advertising please PM the studio on facebook or email raffle@asmileintime.com! We are launching a contest where tons of prizes will be awarded. It can be a gift certificate for your services or an item you sale or even just a simple gift card like an Itunes Card, Visa or Mastercard gift card, gas card or a gift card to a restaurant. Your company and what you are offering will be announced once every couple days (if not every day) for the duration of the contest.

Facebook Photo Contest!

Who is up for a contest? :) This will be a free for all – it can be pets, seniors, families, babies or kids! Just submit one of your favorite photos and make sure they are not copyrighted so I won’t have to be the mean one and remove it from the contest page :)

Get your entries in today! Click on the link below to submit your entry!!

Prizes will be given to the top three winners!
1st Place – Free Session and Disc of 5 Images with Print Authorization.
2nd Place – $50 Studio Credit
3rd Place – $25 Studio Credit


Daddy’s Day Contest

It’s time for a contest for all of those wonderful daddy’s out there!
Win a free session and $50 in print credits.

This is a FACEBOOK related contest. The contest page is

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Enter the contest by filling out the form at this link:
Winners will be announced on June 16th!