A Smile In Time Photography is owned and operated by Crystal Morgan - who is happily married to Dane and the mother of one crazy, adorable little girl named Kyerstyn. You will probably notice her pictures everywhere - her blue eyes have become famous.

I truly believe that pictures are a moment that is frozen in time for your family to cherish for years to come. I can't stress enough how important pictures are.

I personally hate to have my pictures taken but I make the effort for a very important reason. My sister brought her kids out to the studio one day for Easter pictures. She didn't like to have her picture taken anymore than I did but for she made the comment "I'm having a good hair day - I think I will jump in here with them." I took the pictures not thinking much of it - just laughing at her and her kids goofing off. A very short time after pictures she was killed in a car wreck. Those are the only pictures of her and the kids together that we have now. Those pictures are priceless. This is why I stress how important it is to make time for pictures...you just never know.

The studio takes pride that you would trust us to capture the irreplaceable moments for your family.






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